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How It Works

Our  Solar Battery Back-up Systems are well suited for homes, townhouse complexes, small holdings, guesthouses, small businesses, commercial office parks and schools.  Without the solar component, it is an ideal solution for individual shops in shopping centres as the battery packs with an inverter can be installed anywhere and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

One of the greatest advantages is that you do not have to install a generator as power is derived from the power stored in the batteries. Besides the maintenance and fuel costs on generators, it causes severe noise pollution in smaller areas or housing complexes.

How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
PV Manager Solar Design Software
Fronius Genset Integration
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How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
How does a residential photovoltaik system with storage work?
PV Manager Solar Design Software
Fronius Genset Integration
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Solar Panels


  • 12 Year product warranty
  • 25 Year linear power warranty
  • Highly module conversion efficiency (up to 20.9%)
  • Reduced hot spot risk
  • Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature
  • Reduced resistive loss with lower operating current

Backup Power Storage

Solar MD

  • 10 Year warranty
  • ON-GRID and OFF-GRID ready
  • Residential PV backup systems
  • 100% usable energy
  • Compatible with SMA, Victron and many more
  • Supports system parallel connection
  • Communication via CAN-BUS
  • Flexible solution for small an mid-sized configurations

Freedom Won

  • 10 Year warranty
  • Freedom Won Lite Home LiFePO4 battery is the perfect high quality battery for all your residential and industrial solar solutions.
  • The range is from 5KWh to 30KWh batteries. 
  • This battery is compatible with most inverters on the market
  • 10-year local manufacturer’s warranty
  •  Support high discharge and charge power
  •  Batteries can be charged in shorter time due to high charge capability


Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable 13.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup.

Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building.

Its revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install, enabling owners to quickly realize the benefits of reliable, clean power.

How Does Powerwall Work?

Powerwall gives you the ability to store energy for later use and works with or without solar to provide key security and financial benefits. Each Powerwall system includes at least one Powerwall and a Tesla Gateway, which provides energy monitoring, metering and management for the system. The Backup Gateway learns and adapts to your energy use over time, receives over-the-air updates just like the rest of Tesla’s products and is capable of managing up to ten Powerwalls.

With Solar

When the sun rises, solar begins powering the home. When additional power is required within the home, the home can pull from the utility grid.

Powerwall is charged by solar during the day, when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming. Powerwall then stores that energy until the home needs it, such as when solar is no longer producing at night, or when the utility grid is offline during a power outage.

The next day when the sun comes out, solar recharges Powerwall so you have a cycle of clean, renewable energy.

Without Solar

If your electricity rates vary throughout the day, Powerwall will charge when electricity costs are low and discharge when electricity costs are high, generating automatic savings. Powerwall will also provide seamless backup power by detecting grid outages and automatically becoming the home’s main power source.


  • 10 Year warranty
  • Modular design gives highest flexibility
  • LFP cell inside enable longest life and highest safety
  • Quick connector to save installation time
  • Furniture like design suits both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Proven BMS with widest compatibilities with inverters

BYD B-Box LV Flex Lite 5.0

  • 10 Year warranty
  • Perfect Battery for bespoke Projects and Integrated Systems
  • Scalable from 5 kWh to 320 kWh
  • Maximum Flexibility for any Application with up to 64 Modules
    Connected in Parallel
  • Compatible with Market Leading 1 and 3 Phase Inverters
  • Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum Safety,
    Lifespan and Power



  • Standard 5 year warranty included
  • Rapid commissioning with the intuitive Web UI
  • Easy installation thanks to a low weight of just 9kg
  • Broad input voltage range of 80 to 600V
  • Flexibility in choice of module
  • Activation of SMA Smart Connected


  • Standard 5 Year warranty included
  • PowerAssist
  • ESS: Energy Storage Systems
  • Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
  • Remote monitoring and control


  • Standard 5 Year warranty included (Upgradable to 20 years)
  • Automatic HF transformer switchover
  • Integrated WLAN interface
  • Smart grid ready
  • Unique Fronius PC Board replacement process
  • SnapINverter mounting system

Sunsynk / Deye / Goodwe

  • These hybrid Inverters are the ideal inverter for managing power flow from multiple sources such as solar, main electrical grid and generator.
  • Standard 5 Year warranty included
  • Compatible with most Lithium-ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries
  • Mobile App for monitoring
  • IP65 rated
  • Automatic switching from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid mode
  • Zero export function
  • Up to 16 units with the same firmware can be paralleled
  • Essential and Non-Essential Loads outputs

What our Clients Say

They finished the project ahead of schedule right on the budget! The personnel were all very profesional and the work was first class… I have already recommended them to numerous friends!

~ Paul van Rensburg

What our Clients Say

From their sales team to their intallation crew, they do an incredible job making sure everythihng is in order when switching to solar.

~ Dean Sanders

What our Clients Say

I don’t generally write reviews but working with Ohmega was exceptionally easy and every tema member was responsive, well trained and thorough. I would recommend them at the drop of a hat.

~ Paul van Wyk

What our Clients Say

My wife and I are THOROUGHLY happy with Ohmega. Theinstall looks greaet. Great job.

~ Stefan P

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