A trustworthy automatic backup power solution to power your home or office building during load shedding and unplanned power failures.

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The benefits of a full solar installation is far-reaching.  It not only ensures that your business will continue as normal during unplanned power outages, but also positively impacts the environment.


Not only will you gain in terms of being semi- or fully off-the-grid, but you will also see a Return on Investment (ROI) within a few years.

Solar only = +-3 years to ROI
Batteries plus Solar Semi off the grid = +-5years to ROI (60-75% of consumption from the sun)
Batteries plus Solar Fully off the grid = +-8years to ROI (99% of all consumption from the sun)


Going solar drastically reduces your carbon footprint


We offer a wide variety of residential and business solutions for free-standing offices, office parks and commercial buildings, starting with inverters and battery back ups, right through to solar and battery back up combination packages.

Our experienced team will not only advise you on the best solution for your building, but also supply and install high quality products.

The solutions for home and offices are turnkey and include the following:

Solar Panels, Inverters and Battery Back Up Combos

Inverters and Battery Backup, together with Solar Panels powering the batteries is a great solution for houses and office parks, commercial buildings and smaller office spaces. No fumes, no diesel and no noise.

LED Lighting

Ohmega can supply and install Low Wattage bulbs and dimmers to reduce power consumption.


Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient hot water heating systems available.

We supply and install heat pumps for geysers, swimming pools and jacuzzi’s for energy efficiency.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning solar panels maximises your energy and saves you money.

Dirty solar panels have up to 20-30% less efficiency

than that of a clean solar panel

Qualified to work at heights

Our highly skilled team are qualified to work on rooftops and higher buildings. Reduce your risk of injury.


Our monthly retainer covers two call outs per annum

We offer a cost effective monthly SLA Subscription for our clients.
No additional Labour or travel costs. Cost subject to change if scaffolding/forklift is required to get on the roof.

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Protect and prepare yourself for load shedding and high electricity tariffs. For high-quality, off-the-grid energy sources, trust the experts who know power.


In an emergency situation, is your commercial building or facility prepared? What would happen if a major storm hit your area with a large-scale power failure that resulted in complete loss of power? If your commercial facility is anything like many others across the nation, it is likely ill-prepared to handle a sustained power failure.


Large universities and college campuses today consist of multiple buildings. Each building can have a separate emergency power requirement.


Given how interconnected the innovations of health care are, it’s no surprise that many hospitals and health care centers have integrated them into tethered systems that work together to power critical functions.

What our Clients Say

They finished the project ahead of schedule right on the budget! The personnel were all very profesional and the work was first class… I have already recommended them to numerous friends!

~ Paul van Rensburg

What our Clients Say

From their sales team to their intallation crew, they do an incredible job making sure everythihng is in order when switching to solar.

~ Dean Sanders

What our Clients Say

I don’t generally write reviews but working with Ohmega was exceptionally easy and every tema member was responsive, well trained and thorough. I would recommend them at the drop of a hat.

~ Paul van Wyk

What our Clients Say

My wife and I are THOROUGHLY happy with Ohmega. Theinstall looks greaet. Great job.

~ Stefan P