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From Audit to Maintenance

Step 1

Full Energy Audit

We initiate the audit by looking at your previous 12 months’ electricity bills, as well as discussing with you what your needs are, and how we can best implement the right solution for you, keeping within budget.

Step 2


Our quotes are free and are valid for 30 days.

Step 3

Financing options

We assist you with the financing options available.

You can purchase the system cash, or through a finance house, or asset financing or going through your Bank’s green energy financing plan. 

Large scale commercial / residential may be eligible for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) / Power Lease Agreement (PLA). 

Step 4


With all the necessary equipment, our professional, trained team is deployed to do the installation at your property.  Installations can take a few hours, to a few days, depending on the scope of the installation.

Step 5


After installation, it is imperitive for us to ensure that all units are working perfectly.  You will have access to a dashboard that shows your usage, and gives us an indication of the efficacy of the installed solution.

Step 6

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning solar panels maximises your energy and saves you money. Ohmega takes great pride and care when cleaning our panels to insure they do not get scratched or damaged from hazardous chemicals.

The team is also qualified to work at heights.