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What are solar savings?

Eskom increases tariffs by approximately 13% per annum on average, so the amount of electricity you save every month from using solar panels and batteries instead of the grid, is referred to as solar savings. These savings actually compound every year by 13% – 20% as you are not paying Eskom for this power now.

We have Cash, Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term Solutions that we can assist you with.

These savings essentially pay for the cost of the capital you outlaid at the beginning to get the system installed.

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Paying cash for a solar system not only gives you the best Return On Investment (ROI), as you not having to incur interest from a finance house on the capital amount, but you can also claim a tax rebate for 100% of the system cost in the first year (tax rebate only applicable to registered RSA companies). 

O&M is not included – Annual fee (year 2 onwards)

Finance House

Short Term

Residential / Commercial

Up to R150k
Up to 4 years

O&M is not included – Annual fee (year 2 onwards)

Asset Finance

Medium Term Finance

Commercial / Industrial / Schools / Shopping malls / Estates / Old Age Homes 

1 – 999 kWp Solar &/ Battery Systems
Up to 5 years

O&M is not included – Annual fee (year 2 onwards)


Long Term

Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Schools / Estates / Shopping malls / Old Age Homes

1 – 999 kWp  Solar &/ Battery Systems
Up to 10 years

We recommend speaking to your bank about the available green energy financing options available.

O&M is not included – Annual fee (year 2 onwards)