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Solar Production

206 Megawatt hour (MWh)

(98.4 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent)

Trees Saved

106 Acres

Fuel Saved

38 020 L

Coal Saved

44 Tons

About Us

We Are

Ohmega provides renewable energy products and services to residential, commercial and industrial users in order to reduce their carbon emission impact on the environment.

The main drive of the company is the innovation and successful exploitation of new ideas, to disrupt the current ecological norms, by educating consumers how to conserve and consume their energy in order to build a sustainable future.

The value-add is the economic benefit from the implementation of such renewable solutions.

The path to a better future begins today.

We strive to help South Africans reduce their carbon emissions, while providing them with reliable, continuous and affordable electricity.

Our Company


Deforestation, extensive forest fires, melting ice caps, ocean level rising, burning fossil fuels, record breaking storms, famine, poverty, starvation, desertification, plastic, pollution and the list goes on….

So many problems… So little time left…

At Ohmega we offer Solutions. Customer Service and Quality Products is our speciality.

Our Vision is to become one of the leading clean and renewable energy providers through innovation, hard work, and the assistance from other like-minded Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Benefactors.

Our Mission, Our Goals are simple. By innovating and implementing clean energy solutions decreases the carbon footprint, thus decreasing the effects of Global Warming and its impact on the planet.

The Solution is simple, treat the cause and not the effects. By changing human behavior to live more sustainably and by upgrading the Infrastructure One uses in their everyday life. This entails; transportation, to growing and eating healthy organic food, to harvesting rainwater and purification, to electricity demand, to waste management, to automation. Through an Intelligent App One can then manage their energy more efficiently for their home and/or business.

“Self-Sustaining, Eco-Friendly, Autonomous, Energy Systems. This is our Future – Where Energy, Technology and Nature meet.”

What our Clients Say

They finished the project ahead of schedule right on the budget! The personnel were all very profesional and the work was first class… I have already recommended them to numerous friends!

~ Paul van Rensburg

What our Clients Say

From their sales team to their intallation crew, they do an incredible job making sure everythihng is in order when switching to solar.

~ Dean Sanders

What our Clients Say

I don’t generally write reviews but working with Ohmega was exceptionally easy and every tema member was responsive, well trained and thorough. I would recommend them at the drop of a hat.

~ Paul van Wyk

What our Clients Say

My wife and I are THOROUGHLY happy with Ohmega. Theinstall looks greaet. Great job.

~ Stefan P